A Million Dreams

Twilight Instrumental has a beautiful way of refreshing one’s spirit. To sit quietly in the early evening and hear the voices of children sing or perform an instrumental is a blessing. Whose heart could remain unmoved by a child “giving it their best?

The first of three Twilight Concerts featured some of our youngest musicians and was full of earnest performances, some powerful renditions and a huge dose of cuteness. It is such a pleasure to see children grow in their skills, especially if you have attended Twilight Instrumentals over a number of years.

Drum solos bookended the concert and in-between there were many delightful performances it was truly heart-warming. The concert showcased a range of musical genres including orchestral pieces, beginner music, carols, items from musicals and rock numbers.

Our thanks to our Music Tutors for their creative efforts and encouragement of our students. The gentle care that they show their pupils was clearly evident last night.

Thank you also to Mr John Collyer, SGCS Head of Creative Arts, for coordinating the event. Lastly thank you to the parents who encourage and support their children in their musical endeavours.