A Creative Approach to Disaster

Natural Disasters is a mandatory subject for Year 5 students. The recent bushfires, floods and droughts have clearly impacted our students. Junior School recently engaged a watercolourist to lighten the mood of the topic and help students explore their feelings through art.

Sally Ann Conwell is a graduate of COFA, UNSW, a practising artist and a designer of a popular stationary label. She also is a lover of the natural environment.

During the one-day workshop, Sally shared her knowledge and experience of the Australian bush, using her work to highlight the devastation of the bushfires and also the recovery process. Her knowledge of Australian plants was only matched by her creative talents as she led the students through various watercolour techniques.

It was a wonderful day combining science and art, and one that offered our students the opportunity to share how they felt about the recent bushfires either through word or watercolour.