A Cool Project

The Gelato Project, which was launched in 2019, has returned for 2020. The Year 6 design challenge forms part of a Science unit titled, Working Scientifically, Design and Production. As part of the project students are required to create their own flavour of gelato.

Students recently made ice cream in a bag as a way of learning about states of matter. Changes from liquids to solids and compounds/mixtures and how some materials, when mixed, create a new substance. Students also gained an understanding of the effect of heat and cold in changing the state of materials when creating or modifying foods or flavours.

The Gelato Project introduces Year 6 to scientific principles and encourages scientific thinking. This includes taking an ordered and logical approach to problem solving and scientific designs, which prepares students for fair testing and the scientific method.

This week our Year 6 students will visit Pure Gelato to investigate the manufacture of gelato, all in the name of science of course.