Why choose a Christian school?

Christian Education is based on the powerful truth that each person is created and accepted by a loving God.  It is under girded by the belief that each person is unique and has been “fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm 139) and that Christ came to bring freedom, true life, and to make us fully human – that is, to become restored and glorious people. (John 10:10)


Children flourish in an environment that affirms that life is not random and that they themselves are not random.  It is based on good news that life has meaning and purpose.  All learning about self, others, the world, and how it works and about God is positive and makes sense of our world, providing our children with a bright future and a solid hope.


Christian Education encourages academic rigour in a warm, disciplined, meaningful and life-giving context.  It is not simply learning for its own sake, but learning that leads to wisdom and life.  Such learning is crucial at each stage of a child’s schooling and provides a solid platform and an empowering launching pad for life.