Senior School Extension & Support


Senior School offers an array of opportunities for students to extend themselves in their particular areas of giftedness. These are designed to cater for the current group of students and are adapted as new areas of talent are identified.


Our HSC results continue to demonstrate the value of small class sizes and the extra attention that our student enjoy as well as the benefits of dedicated and experienced teachers, many of whom are HSC markers. For the details of our 2013 HSC see our ‘Academic Results’ page. 


Many of our students have been acknowledged for their excellence in their chosen field of interest.


Rebekah Keong’s and Adriana Prasnicki’s Textiles Major Work projects were selected for the prestigious TexStyle exhibition which showcases the best of the HSC projects.


In Drama, Amanda Flack’s set design for 'Falling Petals' by Ben Ellis was selected for the ‘OnStage’ exhibition of the best Major Work Projects.


Jordan Evans, when in Year 11, was selected for a National Gallery Summer Art Scholarship, for his digital images of people in Martin Place Sydney, ‘Beehaviour’.


Five senior students made the final for the Inaugural Kogarah Art Prize, Youth Art Award for their still life with ink and pastels.  


As a year 9 student, Tabitha Hirn, was a medal winner in the 2010 UNSW English Competition.


In 2012, students from Years 9, 10 and 11 Elective Geography classes, participated in the Australian Geography Competition. Ellen Power (Year 11) and Kieran Setco (Year 10) placed in the top 4% of Australia in the Senior Division and Andrew Edwards (Year 9) placed in the top 0.5% of Australia in the Intermediate Division. A third of our students who entered the competition received Distinctions and High Distinctions.


For several years we have entered teams in the National Solar Boat Challenge teams and in 2010 one of our teams became the National champions.


Each year our students in Years 10 and 11 have the opportunity to be a part of a mission trip to Vanuatu. This event gives staff and students an opportunity to come into contact with a completely different culture and exposes them to the very real hardships experienced by people less fortunate than ourselves. However most importantly it allows them to serve and minister to others. It sounds clichéd but this is a truly life changing experience. For more information see the Beyond Ourselves pages.


In Sport we continue to have amazing success at local and representative levels.


In the Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA) Department students have opportunities to exhibit artworks, while our Music and Drama students have a variety of performance opportunities. See the CAPA webpage for further details.




St George Christian School offers strong intentional support services to students across every educational stage. Through a collaborative approach between student, parents, teachers and ancillary staff we address the needs of the whole child. We are committed to nurturing every student to ensure that they reach their God-given potential.


Senior School Learning Support provides educational assistance and oversees students who have a disability or learning difficulty in Years 9-12. Most of these students shine in some area of skill or learning and they learn to build on these strengths while focusing on improving areas of weakness. Senior School Learning Support is more about ability than inability, or disability. Through Learning Support the students work towards their potential in a happy and welcoming learning environment headed by Mrs Elizabeth Hughes.