Pastoral Care

In the Senior School pastoral care is undertaken by our Year Advisers. These dedicated individuals oversee the academic, social and emotional lives of the students in their care. Gender split, our Year Advisers are able to focus on issues which most affect the young men or women in their group. The Year Advisers act as liaisons between home and school, and also between students and staff. They are privy to all information which may affect the students’ learning and social development and are, therefore, best placed to deal with all issues of students’ welfare.


Our Year Advisers are each supported by one or more rollcall assistants who help in the administration and care of the students in their particular group.


Rollcall is held every day except Mondays (when Assembly is on instead) and gives the Year Advisers an opportunity to briefly check on each of their students.


Another important member of the pastoral care team is our Senior School Counsellor, Mrs Wilson, who helps students to develop strategies for dealing with many different issues.


However, all members of the staff are part of the pastoral care web which supports, protects and develops our students.