What a Wonderful World

Sometimes it takes a child to give us insight in what really matters in life. Yesterday’s annual Christmas Concert was a spectacular show that started with creation and ended with salvation. A welcome message during this busy time of year.


Year 2 set the creation scene as glittering suns and stars, twirling and whirling on stage to dramatic Irish music. The creation piece was followed by our Kindergarten children depicting brightly coloured flowers, intrepid explorers and some very energetic mushrooms.


Year 1 took to the stage like jumping jitterbugs to the tune of Footloose.  Butterflies, grasshoppers, army ants, and lady bugs depicted the wonderful world of minibeasts in a very coordinated fashion. Our Year 1 girls gave a beautiful visual representation of water and waterfalls as they glided and shimmered on stage, whilst our Kindergarten children were absolutely charming as creatures from under the sea.


Interspersed between the on stage performances was footage of students telling of their fascination of God’s creation and the world we live in.  Joyful reminders of the wonder of childhood.


For the final class number our Year 2 students dressed as inventors and assistants capturing the creative process with precision and excitement. The entire cast then took to the stage to sing A long time ago in Bethlehem and the light-hearted Christmas song A Holly Jolly Christmas.


In a very touching moment the children and Infants Staff farewelled their beloved teacher Mrs Rosemary Powell as she retires after seventeen years at SGCS. The children sang the blessing that Mrs Powell wrote for them many years ago. It was a beautiful moment and I am sure that many in the audience left the auditorium feeling blessed themselves by the wonderful performances and reminders of the true meaning of Christmas.