We Have the Technology

The idea of bionic bodies has captivated the human imagination for centuries.


Senior Science students experienced a glimpse of the future when they attended the UNSW Museum of Disease for a workshop on ‘Science and Technology in Medical Procedures’.


Students attended an interactive presentation and had the opportunity to physically manipulate stents used in correction of atherosclerosis and other replacement parts including that used for a hip replacement. They observed and examined an artificial heart, various types of heart valve replacements and investigated the latest 3D printer designed to create body replacement parts used in ankles.


Students observed human body parts and determined medical issues apparent and noted the availability of bionics for correcting these issues.


In the afternoon students designed their own computer monitored first-hand investigation to control their brain waves to perform tasks.


Mr Peter Wilson, Science Teacher said:


Senior Science students are currently completing a unit on “‘Medical Bionics”. It is an extremely topical subject with worldwide interest in bionics and indeed robotics of the future. UNSW is renowned globally for its work and research in creating a bionic eye and other medical bionics. It was a most informative and insightful excursion.