Springboard to Hope

The first day of Spring marked our fourth annual Open Doors Day. Open Doors Day is a student-led awareness day focused on supporting persecuted Christians throughout the world.  This annual event was organized by the Beyond Ourselves student team for Years 9 -12.


In the lead up to the day the Beyond Ourselves team gave presentations at roll call and assemblies to create awareness and advocacy for Christians suffering worldwide. Year 10 CPR classes also worked through the unit, DNA of a persecuted Christian which looks at various biblical themes related to the plight of the world wide persecuted church.


This year’s program also included the Beyond Ourselves team in the Walk to Water initiative to support Christians in Nigeria. The team raised over $2,000 in sponsorship to walk to Carss Park and back. The initiative symbolizes the walk that many do on a daily basis just to access water.


At lunchtime the Beyond Ourselves team held a barbeque and awareness stall to raise further money for Open Doors. 


Thank you to the Beyond Ourselves team for all their hard work on this important event.