Maths for Life

A whole day of Mathematics may not be high on everyone’s Life List, but Middle School’s annual Maths Day proves that it should be.


This week our Year 8 students immersed themselves in Maths Day with enthusiasm, energy and perseverance.


Maths Day, organized by Inquisitive Minds, is a fun filled, energetic, competitive and exciting day. Mathematic activities included problem solving techniques, fierce competition solving over fifty four problems, playing games, constructing and individual challenges



One student’s comment captured the day.


'I really didn't think I could live through a whole day of Maths but I was surprised that the day went so fast and I actually had lots of fun. The element of competition was really fun and kept us motivated, plus the prizes. I had no particular activity I liked the most, I just had fun with all of them.'


Another captured the learning.


'They tested our knowledge and made it fun with interesting challenges that were hands on. They also taught us different methods to solve problems. Maths Day exceeded my expectations.'


The Inquisitive Minds team were very appreciative and extremely grateful for our involvement in the day. Derek's comment about our team of teachers was: 


first rate, one of the best ever. We just love coming to this School.


Sounds like we all need to update our Life List