Dear Zoo

Year Two recently travelled to Taronga Zoo as part of their HSIE unit on Animals in their Environments. They have been studying how animals are able to survive in deserts, polar regions, grasslands and rainforests. It was a fantastic day of learning and exploration, where students were immersed in the diversity of God’s creation.


During our time at the zoo we observed many animals we have studied, including Asian elephants, penguins and meerkats. Students pointed out their various features, described and compared the animals’ habitats, and asked thoughtful questions about endangered species.


Students particularly enjoyed watching a baby elephant having a shower and pedicure with its mother, spotting poisonous snakes and frogs, and the new Sumatran tiger exhibit which included a simulation flight in a plane.


Students experienced the thrill of being seated in the ‘Splash Zone’ during the seal show, and our own Mrs Pearson was a star volunteer during the bird show.


Back at School, students have written interesting recounts about their time at the zoo.



Guest Editor: Miss Chloe Dallimore, Infants Teacher