Blue Steel Tour

Our Year 11 Business Studies class headed off to Wollongong recently to see the Bluescope Steelworks factory. It was an early start but well worth with a day filled with discovery and culinary delights ahead. ahead.


Sam Payne and Tiffany Zwanink reported:


When we arrived we had to dress in safety gear - hard hats, glasses and high-vis coats. We had a tour of the factory which included a behind-the-scenes tour of the steel production process and other activities like WHS procedures. One of the highlights was watching 1000 degree steel being cut into slabs ready to be dispatched and used in production and colourbond material. 


After the tour we had lunch at the Bombora Seafood Restaurant in Port Kembla, famous for its good food and million dollar views. After the delicious meal the Manager addressed our group and gave us an insight into running a business with a focus on the responsibilities of business owners.   


The day concluded with the satisfaction gained from full minds and stomachs.