Junior School Extension & Support

Regular classes are supported with learning support and enrichment teachers. These programs assist us in serving individual student needs.Please inform the school of any assessments completed by professionals in related areas e.g. speech pathologists, occupational therapists, so that these needs can be more carefully met.



Student Enrichment Program


The enrichment program seeks to identify and support high achieving students who require particular extension in academic areas.  At the beginning of each year all students are screened and along with teacher recommendation, a number of children are selected to take part in the program either through Literacy, Maths or Thinking Skills groups.


The Enrichment Program provides a variety of challenging learning opportunities which seek to cater for the different intelligences of children. As a result, the composition of the groups is flexible.


In 2011 the program is facilitating enrichment tasks including the Jason Project,  Poetry/Science Competition, World Maths Day and Maths Olympiads Competitions.



Student Support Program


Children who need assistance in a particular area of learning are identified by norm-referenced and in school assessments and teachers.  Selected students are given assistance on an individual and/or small group basis.  This Learning Support Program is provided most days per week.   A number of trained parents help with this program and their dedication and input is much appreciated.