SGCS Building Fund

St George Christian School began 30 years ago with only 9 students and one teacher. Our community of students is now around 760 strong and are supported by a staff of over 100. We started off in a church hall and have gradually acquired land and buildings to accommodate our growth. Today's school community is benefitting from the investment of time and money from those who have gone before. We are very grateful that a previous generation had a vision which fuelled wise and strategic action to provide for our needs at present.


In that same vein we are keen to follow on a tradition of providing for the present and looking to the future in order to benefit not only our current community, but also those who will follow.


There are three tax deductable funds through which contributions to the growth and future development of the school can be made:


The Building Fund

The Building Fund allows the school to purchase land adjoining the school and to build facilities to enhance the learning experiences of our students. Acquiring land and buildings in a densely populated suburban environment is challenging, and yet we continue to see the provision of God for this school. As a well placed Christian school serving the inner city region and southern Sydney, we believe that we need to continue to meet these challenges, providing a vibrant Christian alternative to families in this region. Building Fund – BSB 062758, A/c No: 28025323


The Library Fund

The Library Fund provides an avenue for contributing to the rich body of literary materials this school enjoys. Libraries no longer simply contain books, and so this fund also allows for state of the art technology to be made available to our students for their research. Library Fund - BSB 062758, A/c No: 28025331


The Endowment Fund

From time to time families face personal financial need, and the school wants to be able to support families during these times. We desire to make a quality Christian education available to as many families as possible. Money given to the Endowment Fund is invested, and only income after inflation is used. We take seriously the biblical position that we should look beyond ourselves to the needs of others. To invest in the Christian education of a child is to invest in offering light and life to the generation to come. Endowment Fund – BSB – 062235, A/c No: 10336805


Please consider whether or not you are in a position to give to one of these funds. "He who plants trees benefits future generations" (English Proverb)