Christian Life


At daily morning roll call, Year Advisers lead their year group in Bible devotions and a time of prayer. Students are also given the opportunity to lead these morning devotions and regularly participate in and lead the prayer time with their peers. This is a great way to start each day, focused and aware of God’s presence and provision in our school.


Senior School students attend one CPR (Christian Principles and Relationships) class each week.  CPR classes are an opportunity for students to study and interact with God’s word, develop a theological understanding and apply it to everyday issues and situations. Students are encouraged to ask questions and actively engage with the texts. CPR topics include the study of Old and New Testament books as well as related and relevant key topics and issues. CPR is aims to present each student with a holistic view of the Bible, with the key focus being the Gospel of Jesus Christ and aims to help each student consider and respond appropriately to this potentially life changing message of hope.


Every Thursday a student-led Bible study group called ‘Pulse’ meets over lunchtime to pray, read God’s word and encourage one another in their faith. This group exists to provide students with a regular weekly meeting time and space for Christian fellowship and support. The ultimate aim is for students to meet around the Bible and get to know Christ in a real way, grow in that relationship and live it out through the proclaiming the Gospel to the wider school community and beyond. It is important for Christian students to meet together like this regularly to help them develop a strong sense of belonging to something bigger than themselves. Regular (weekly) fellowship is a good way to build and encourage confidence and boldness to live unashamedly for Christ in and beyond the school setting.


Every fortnight students attend a Chapel service where they are given the opportunity to connect with God and grow in their relationship and understanding Him. Chapel encourages students to engage and interact with God’s word through a Gospel focused Bible talk/message, pray about important issues with peers, and worship God through music and song. Chapel themes and topics typically continue over whole terms and are centred on a particular Bible book or relevant theme. Students are encouraged to develop leadership and service skills by being given the opportunity to serve in the Chapel Band, lead prayer or by assisting as a sound and visual technicians.


It is important to note, however, that the ‘Christian’ experiences of the School are not limited to particular times and events. They are not something that we just ‘do’, they are more about who and what we are and how we live amongst and beyond the school community.